Friday, 3 August 2012

If I wasnt me.......

I am not sure I would be coping with my current life.

So in the past 12 months, I have lost my two dogs who were my companions and babies, I have been diagnosed with hashimoto's disease, been to the emergency room 4 times with gall bladder issues and now on the wait list to see a surgeon, I have recently been to emergency 3 times with heart palpitations and ectopic heart beat, had around 8 ECG's, 1 Echocardiogram, had to wear a holster for 24 hours and possibly have Wolffe Parkinson's Wilson Syndrome.  I am awaiting my cardiologist appointment on the 17th for what is the cause!

Thank god for my darling husband, my family, pets and my dear friends Maree, Paula K and Paula L, I think they are the only reasons that are holding me in there.  If I hadnt been bought up tough I am not sure I would be still working in the mental health department, I would probably be a patient of the department.

Will keep you posted on what the cardiologist says on the 17th, fingers crossed for something not serious.

In the mean time I am not exercising much just resting and trying to relax as when I start to exercise or stress my ectopic heart beats kick off again, so wish me luck and send me good thoughts.


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  1. Will be here for you along the Journey with your Health Ange and hope everything gets under control for you Kezza xxx