Saturday, 15 September 2012

Well how things change

So how things change in a short period of time!
From my life being hell bent on climbing my career and losing weight to worrying about my health and no longer wanting the career I thought I did. 
Funny how these things come about.
So now my health is slowly getting back on track, I have had to concentrate so much on my diet and medications to try and get the balance right.
I finally go to see my endo specialist who promptly popped me on thyroid medication and then that sent my heart funny so I have had to adjust to a smaller amount. 
I also find if I am dehydrated, eat gluten or too much sugar my heart will do its ectopic beat.  Add to that if I dont sleep well or if I have too much dairy.  Add to that if I am stressed or popped in stressful situations my heart starts jumping all over the place.
So at the moment my life is all about trial and error and how it will affect me now.
Career wise - I am content with where I am at the moment as ESO to a Clinical Stream and as I know it back to front and is very low stress to me. 
And as I have just worked out what I want to do with life career wise, I need something I can do easily and not have to be over burdened with so I can come home and study! In 2 years time I can change careers and finally be the end of the torment of the past few months. 

If there is any advice I can give you (and this has taken me a long time to learn) is:
Life is too short - in your career do not walk over people to move yourself forward as you are compromising yourself and you will be found wanting eventually as you will no longer have people to blame things on other than yourself.  Really in the big picture when you are on your death bed, will that small promotion for an extra 20k a year really matter? I think not - what will matter is how you have lived, how you have treated your colleagues and friends and how you are viewed in people's eyes.  Your reputation is everything and the last thing I would want is to be known for being someone who would throw my work mate under a bus for extra money.  Stay true to yourself and what is right.

I think my gene of standing up for the underdog and what is right is coming through more and more as I get older.  Cant really contain it anymore!

For a Saturday night, I am going to make my gluten free dinner and then settle in to watch the Lincoln Lawyer - fast becoming my favourite movie.\

May the odds be ever in your favour

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