Saturday, 26 May 2012

Happy Dancing All The Way to the Shops

One last post for this evening:

Today I fit in a skirt I have not fit in for wow I cant even think how many years - I would say a good 10 years.

I also bought some of the Michelle Bridges work out gear today.  I have the yoga pants, 3/4 pants and a purple singlet.  Tomorrow I am on the hunt for a red singlet or the fabulous blue I have just seen that is out there.

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday night.

For the Shannan Ponton challengers - good luck tomorrow

May the scales be ever in your favour



  1. congrats on your loss ange... nows the time for me to pull my finger out... mondays d day... i'm ready more than ever!!

  2. Hey Brenda
    Thanks, I am super excited I just hit the 30kgs loss although I still look at myself and think I have lost nothing as there is so much to go. It is only when I put on clothes I havent worn in a while that I notice.
    Hey if you want come join out Tough Mudder training group - it is just a heap of us and will get together and do work outs and then do Warrior Dash and The Stampede. Will be very social, we have a catering team!!!!