Sunday, 10 June 2012

A plateau, a bad week!

Well a bad week for me this week, a loss of 200 grams and I can pin point why.
Why well it is me.  I have had a bad food week, I skipped breakfast, ate too much, ate wrong stuff and ate carbs after 5pm.
I have exercised but only walking the dog.
I dont know I hear all these people saying exercise is addictive, you will love it, you will find something you love.
Well I can tell you, I use to exercise 7 days a week, I use to train for district basketball, state country netball, I would then play indoor netball, basketball and anything else you can think of and even back then when I could outrun most - I HATED EXERCISE.  So I dont know now, that I have 50 kgs or so to go, that I will ever love exercise.  If I didnt back then, I doubt I will now! 
Dont get me wrong I know I have to do it, for my weight loss, my health and for when hub bub and I have kids so I am a good role model and I will do it but I can probably say, I will never ever learn to love exercise. 
I love the competition and I think thats why I am attracted to anything other than a boring old gym and doing the same thing day in day out.  I love the idea of a challenge, thats why I am attracted to warrior dash, tough mudder etc, I love the extreme.  I have no idea how people go to the gym and run on a treadmill for an hour, I would be bored insane in 10 minutes and looking for something else to do, my mind needs more stimulation than that.
Anyway off my bitch fest about exercise.
What am I going to do to put myself back on track.  Well I am going to have to get off my lazy arse and do it and organise myself with foods!
So I have printed my menu, printed the shopping list and here I come.
Back on the band wagon
May the Scales Be Ever in Your Favour

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