Friday, 1 June 2012

Friday Evening - Brrrrr its cold out there

Brrrrrr its cold out there!
How do you keep motivated to exercise in this weather?  Well ask me tomorrow morning, I have a 7.15am training session down at Miami.  I may be a little cranky when that alarm goes off tomorrow.  I need to apologise to my hub bub in advance.
After a couple of weeks not exercising it is time to suck it up, get back on the wagon and I have a bio scan tomorrow, shall post my results when I get home tomorrow.

I have found a chef who sends me a recipe a week who I lovvvvvvvvvveee.  Teresa Cutter - the Healthy Chef - she is amazing .  The one that come through today, pancakes with orange blossom honey.  Seriously cannot wait to try it!

Well time for me to sign off, put dinner on, hubby will be home soon and he is feeling off colour so going to send him to bed and nurse him back to health.

Talk tomorrow.

May the scales be ever in your favour.


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