Friday, 27 July 2012

The new motivation

So as to not bore you with my lack of motivation and sooking and making excuses, I had a long hard think and come up with what is going to motivate me.

And what is it - well I am motivated to whilst help myself and my health - I will help others.

So along came the idea Kilos for a Cause - the idea is still in infant stages, I have a short list of charities and have made contact with them to see which is the best one to go with, and some ideas in my head of how it will all work but tonight I will come up with a plan, there will be challenges along the way, tasks, and a weigh in at the end. 

I also have to come up with how the donations could work so there is much to be done but I am motivated again and excited.

So stay tuned, more to come and in the mean time head over to my facebook page and please spread the news, the more followers the better, the more awareness and recognition for the chosen charity.!/pages/Kilos-for-a-Cause/308735199222338


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